With Campaign Highway you will experience:

  • Ability to Reach a Larger, More Diverse Population
  • Capability of Receiving On-line Contributions
  • Being On-line Quickly With a Professional Look and Branding Image
  • Tracking and Reporting Capabilities
  • Processing of only Allowable Contribution Amounts
  • Customizable Contributor Validation Fields
  • Verification of Address Requirements for Contributors
  • Automatic Contribution Receipts Sent to Each Contributor
  • On-going Communications With Your Supporters
  • Automatic Email List Development and Ability To Send Mass Emails
  • Secure Transactions Which Meet Banking Standards
  • A Powerful Database Integrated With Your Website
  • An Easy to Edit and Update Website, Managed In-house
  • And Much, Much, More.

Campaign Highway’s benefits are designed to allow your management team and volunteers to focus on the tactical plan. The website and integrated database will free you and your staff from many time-consuming administrative tasks.

Click the “Test Drive” link to view a sample site and experience how easy it is to manage your campaign website in-house.

NoLines4U Inc. is available to answer all questions, to call us at (800) 504-4064 or email us at info@campaignhighway.com